Life in the Pit

Since we opened the door in April 2012, our biggest accomplishment remains to be the

FRIENDS we make on a daily basis.  Your enthusiasm and support is what ”Fuels our Fire in the Pit!”  

This page is dedicated to you! Post your pictures on Facebook, on Yelp or email them ….We’ll share them on Here!  We loved it the first time you visited and hope you find your way back to Lynchburg real soon! 

This place is a hidden gem. The people are so nice. The food was awsome. Potato salad was sooo good. The grill cheese crack attack could have had a little more cheese but the pulled park on it was awsome and the sauce was so good.

Paula Clifton

Great food!!! Exceptional staff!!! Awesome owner!!! There are no drawbacks to this place!!! Always the first stop when I get to Lynchburg!!!

Jim King

An absolute must stop when in Tennessee!!! The staff is very friendly and the owner Is great. The Grilled cheese on crack is a must try!!! Make sure you buy sauce to go.

Donnie Sparks

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